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Works only in Sweden (we believe so...). price: 5 sek+ ev data cost at your operator (Kostnader för dataöverföring kan tillkomma hos din operatör).


 Title  SMS text   SMS number 
 01 The Maker  bb V1  725 00
 02 You've got  bb V2  725 00
 03 Preacher or Thief  bb V3  725 00
 04 She Flew  bb V4  725 00
 05 Dolphin Man  bb V5  725 00
 06 President  bb V6  725 00
 07 Free  bb V7  725 00
 08 Kiss it real good  bb V8  725 00
 09 I'm just a prop  bb V9  725 00
 10 Life is a flare  bb V10  725 00
 11 One Day  bb V11  725 00
 12 Good Morning  bb V12  725 00


Download music video to your computer


Free! But if you want the real stuff, high quality, you should buy the album with a CD and DVD (5.1 surroundmix)...


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01 the maker-poster 



 01 The Maker

 02 you've got-poster



 02 You've got

03 preacher or thief-poster 



 03 Preacher or Thief

04 she flew-poster 



 04 She Flew

05 dolphin man-poster 



 05 Dolphin Man

06 president-poster 



 06 President

07 free-poster 



 07 Free

08 kiss it real good-poster 



 08 Kiss it real good

09 i'm just a prop-poster 



 09 I'm just a prop

10 life is a flare-poster 



 10 Life is a flare

11 one day-poster 



 11 One Day

12 good morning-poster 



 12 Good Morning