W e l c o m e D o w n l o a d s B u y   a l b u m C o n t r i b u t i o n Y-T   V i d e o s R e l e a s e



A total musical circus...


You wait and wait, and finally it all comes at once; the “ketchup effect” describes this indigestible serving and differentiates it from mainstream productions that dominates today’s airwaves.


From the current zeitgeist of 60’s era soul and after years of cut-and-paste songs made from samples and “autotunes” and endless material from singer-songwriters, this liberating collection of musical energy is in a class all by itself.

Bionic Bipeds is a group of musical enthusiasts from all imaginable places and backgrounds. No one holds back. The first impression could be summed up in one word: EXTREME. It’s not made for relaxation. It is a bottled-up energy that is now seeing the light of day.


Bionic Bipeds' sound is wild and free, based on heavy riffs and a hard-hitting drum mixed with modern programming. The keyboards let loose and the brass on speed complete the sound of Bionic Bipeds. Several lead singers with different styles, often singing together, make the music continually surprising. Just when you think you’ve hit the apex, they take it up a notch. It is experimental music: a mix of hard rock, jazz, classical and pop.


In the package there is a CD and a DVD with videos for each song. This is where the Bionic Bipeds vision is put on screen: this is where the musical circus continues and the audience meets the different characters in a kind of mini-theater. And this is all new: making an album where all the songs are mixed for surround-sound and presented with video material. In this way, Bionic Bipeds herald a new technical standard that may interest the music industry in the future. We call it VAPA - Video Audio Production Album.





 Artist:  Bionic Bipeds
 Album:  Psychedelic Circus
 Label:  Snickeboa
 Format:  CD &  DVD – Dolby digital 5.1
 Catalognr:  OVTL 01


 ISRC-codes:  SEYBU08001 01(till 12)
 Distributor:  ISMA
 Studio:  Studio Snickeboa
 Press contact:  Ove Valeskog
   +468 722 44 58
   +46707 31 47 73
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